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Israel Classic Tour Packages

Classic tour packages are a perfect way to have amazing life experiences of top attractions in Israel. The classic tour packages offer the best from the shortest classic Gems tour of four days to an 17 day tour.

The classic tour packages are intended to provide with more than one aspect of the Holy Land in which you get to see Jewish landmarks such as the Western Wall. You also get to have a first-hand experience of the breath taking countryside of the Galilee, only to mention a few.

To enjoy the magnificent views of vital locations like Jerusalem and other iconic sites, the package permits taking as much time you need; in addition, longer classic tour packages offer a free day exploration of either Jerusalem or Tel Aviv individually. Among other cities you can visit include: Bethlehem, The Galilee & Golan and Jericho.

For spectacular experience, the Classic tour package ensures you get pick-up and drop-off services on suitable locations furthermore your transportation is air-conditioned.

Group tours are divided into standard-size, small or even private tours. The classic tour package features the best tours to make it worthwhile and enjoyable while in Israel.

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