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Ways to Actually Save Money While Traveling

There is no denying to the fact that travel is an exciting and rewarding experience. Travelling allows you to learn new things and experience new cultures that improve cognitive capabilities of individuals and help them grow as a person. However, despite these benefits of travelling, people are reluctant to travel very often. Now there can be several reasons for why people don’t travel, but the most significant reason is that travelling is expensive. From costly plane tickets to accommodations, from food and drinks to domestic travel expenditure, all the expenses can put a hole in the wallet at the end of the day. Although, there are people who manage all these effectively because by the end of the day, it all depends on how you travel. We bring you several of these interesting ways of making things smooth and adventurous and yet affordable for your next trip.

Following are some of the cost-effective travel tips and advices that can help you save some bucks while you travel to whichever destination you want:

First of all, what you can do to save money is to get a refillable water bottle. This will not only allow you to save money but it will ensure you act as a responsible tourist. In Venice, after the government found out that the visitors were generating a lot of trash – most of them being plastic water bottles – they made a big push in 2009 and encouraged the visitors to fill their water bottles from the Venice aqueduct. This water source held exactly the same amount of water as the bottled water and hence gave motivation to the tourists.

Tip: Not all the cities in all countries have potable tap water hence don’t forget to check with your travel guide before making an attempt to drink from the tap.

A cheaper and convenient way to enjoy a restaurant experience while travelling is to further away from the big attractions. If you want to save money, try to find a good spot for the food. Take a stroll in the back alleys and find local restaurants popular amongst the locals. This will not only save money but ensure you get to eat tasty food. An example of this is that in Rome, the restaurants close to Roman forum and Trevi fountain are the most expensive ones. Try to find a spot where the locals eat. The chances are it will be budget friendly as well as good in quality.

Tip: Do not get trapped in the feature English language menus, because they are a tourist trap with inflated prices to gather money from the tourists.

Eating on the fly is always a better and convenient option too, if you are fine with it. This will not only ensure you get to absorb the rich local culture, but it will cut down on your daily costs dramatically. Grabbing and eating street food with the sight of locals allows you to read the culture closely. Just get some cheese and bread or a fruit from the local supermarket and you are good to go.

Another tip to save some money is never buy a glass of wine but a bottle instead. The single glass rates are inflated and it is advised to buy a bottle of wine, which can be enjoyed later too. Similarly, the transit food and drinks at the bus and local trains are inflated and if you are going on anyone of them for a journey, make sure to pack some snacks in advance.

Now that the food options are covered, let’s move to the transport options.

If your destination is close and easily accessible, try renting a bicycle and use it to commute. Amsterdam for example is constructed in a manner that it allows for convenient biking and hence it is a dream for cyclists. If you use a bicycle, it will allow you to save money by not paying for the cab or bus fares. Moreover, you will be able to exercise and contribute to environment conversion. However, for instance if you plan on spending a long time in the area, it is advised to look for transport deals which have discounts like buy one get one free, and these will save some bucks for you too. Sometimes you can discount on the ticket if you purchase it online.

So, these were just some tips on how to be efficient and save some bucks while you travel. We got your back for savvy travel spending for the future too. You might find your tour guides to be at your disposal to help you recommend ways of affordable spending but now you might be able to do the same on your own too. You can even stick to your daily budget using some of these and some of your own inventive ways. Pack your bags and have happy travelling as we provide you with suggestions that will help you enjoy travelling without emptying the wallet.

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