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Travel Tips for Senior Travelers

Often, as we age, we get caught up in our own ways. Despite the comforts of home, there’s a whole world out there to discover! Experiencing new cultures, places, and experiences through travel can keep your mind young at heart. We believe traveling is a worthwhile endeavor at any age. Because of this, we have put together this guide to saving money on senior travel! As a senior traveler, it highlights the best tips for traveling comfortably, securely, and affordably.

Find out our top five travel and budget tips for senior travellers below:

1. Having the option to travel whenever you like is one of the greatest things about being older and/or retired. Since work hours and annual leave are no longer a constraint, there is no compelling reason for travelers to travel during peak season. It is far more affordable to travel during the shoulder season and there are fewer crowds. You will feel more comfortable walking in cooler temperatures, and you will be less likely to experience sunburn or dehydration. This is also an excellent time of year for senior travel! You can see so much when you travel during the off-season, from spring flowers to autumn foliage.

2. In Europe, not all attractions offer senior discounts, but many major attractions do! Occasionally, older audience members may be able to get discounts at certain events, such as concerts and festivals. Just ask if you don’t see any signs indicating discounts! Be sure to bring some form of identification with you (you should carry this at all times anyway) so that you can show it at the ticket counter. Getting around can also be made affordable and convenient by using discounted train and bus tickets. Almost everywhere there are fun and free things to do. Check these out beforehand or find out once you arrive! What you discover may surprise you. A general rule of thumb is to avoid tourist spots at mealtimes. Around famous landmarks, restaurants tend to be pricier and not as good as the local eateries! If you book hotels, make sure the hotel includes a complimentary breakfast. This will save you time and money. Additionally, you can keep an eye out for early bird dinner specials and other meal deals!

3. Nothing is more frustrating than lugging a heavy bag around! There is nothing honorable about this, it is inconvenient and, frankly, unnecessary. You may also have to pay hefty fees for overweight baggage if you are travelling with an airline! Ensure that you only bring your necessities and avoid packing bulky jackets or too many shoes. Make sure your bag has enough room to fit souvenirs or gifts for the kids and grandkids! Pack less than you think you will need! Most hotels and cities have good laundry facilities, making packing lighter easier. As long as you aren’t driving to a desert island, remember that if you forget something, you can always buy it there. Keep important items such as your medication and passport close at all times, and pack them in your hand luggage.

4. It can be extremely stressful and expensive planning a trip! It can be difficult to figure out where to travel, what sights to see and what to skip when traveling abroad as well as how to budget properly. All of these difficult decisions can be handled by experts when you book an all-inclusive tour! Our knowledgeable tour guides provide all the information you need along with a carefully planned itinerary. This includes top attractions, hidden gems, as well as free time for you to relax and explore at your own pace.

Booking with us makes group tours even simpler and more affordable, since we offer accommodations, guided tours, transportation between destinations and some meals as part of the tour price. Whether you are travelling alone or with a group, you will always feel safe and will never feel bored or lonely on a group tour. Several of our most loyal return travellers are seniors, and our tours are designed for people of all ages.

Would you like to start planning with us your next senior travel adventure? Discover some of our group tours around Europe or travel to exotic locations in South America? Decide what will work best for you!

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